OpenRAMS 1.1

Expected June 2013
  • W3C standards-compliant HTML5 (eg using <div> instead of <table> tags)
  • Support MD5 hashed passwords (instead of current insecure plain-text setup) - will require new MDF file download
  • Single page for add/editing bookings, work tickets, etc with parameter support
  • Place-holder for company logo

OpenRAMS 1.2

Expected July 2013
  • Add, edit and delete rooms and resources from the front-end
  • Finance support (ability to apply discounts/mark bookings chargeable/set room, resource & booking rates)

OpenRAMS 1.3

Expected August 2013
  • Full front-end support for multiple rooms/resources for each booking (1.0 displays multiple rooms/resources added to bookings stored in DB, but currently no way to add/remove them from front-end)
  • Support for recurring bookings (daily, weekly and termly from drop-down. For irregular bookings will be able to 'add dates/times' in expandable section)

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