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Note: Code now maintained on GitHub.

Before building openRAMS:

  1. Create the database structure (see attached backup.sql)
  2. After downloading the source code and opening in Visual Studio, alter the web.config file in the root folder to reflect your own connection string (this will apply throughout the website)
  3. Move through the following pages ensuring the connection strings for the drop-down lists have been changed to your own connection string in the inline server code: Staff/Request Booking.aspx, Community/new.aspx, Staff/EditWorkTicket.aspx and Maintenance/edit.aspx

Once the database is setup and the website correctly configured, test OpenRAMS still builds in Visual Studio, then Publish... to your chosen location (whether that's a mapped network drive configured for IIS access or an FTP web space). Ensure IIS is configured to automatically direct users to Staff/Staff.aspx by default (or you can set this in the project properties in Visual Studio under the 'Web' tab)

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